V.O.I.C.E. - Victims of Domestic Violence

Voice is an acronym for Victorious Overcomers In Christ Everyday.

This is a 12 week class specifically designed for the VICTIMS of domestic violence. We are convinced that there is no excuse for abuse and that no one should suffer from an abusive relationship. We also believe that you can find the help and the skills to improve the quality of your life. We also believe that marriage and intimate relationships should be a place where partners experience: protection, affirmation, encouragement, support, trust, freedom, love, honesty, grace, integrity, peace, self control, respect, responsibility, consideration and similar benefits. The duration of each class is two hours and fifteen minutes long, which is divided into two parts. Part one, consists of forty five minutes of Life Skills Study which strengthens the personal development of each client as an individual, followed by Part Two, which consists of one hour and thirty minutes of intensive curriculum learning how to deal with an abusive relationship have access resources for safety and attain emotional and personal stability and guidance.

The client can then draw upon every resource to manage their life in a safe and productive way.


Meeting Day:  Tuesday (Only)

Time:  6:30 to 8:30 PM

Place:  Calvary Chapel of Downey

     Room #103 (Men and Women)

Cost:  $25 One Time Fee

Registration:  Register at the first class you attend