This is a 12 week certified, court recognized, parenting course designed to give parents the necessary tools to raise confident, loving children. We learn how to promote willing cooperation from children by disciplining more effectively, working together with your children in setting clear and appropriate boundaries, and creating a positive learning experience by viewing mistakes as valuable. This encourages a truly confident and healthy self-esteem. We promote open and easy communication where all family members listen and understand each other, resolve family conflicts in an easy fashion using methods where everyone wins. We teach all family members to become personally responsible for their actions. This all helps to forge profound meaningful bonds with your children that will enable you to prepare them as teenagers making responsible choices as they become more independent. This is the parenting class where parents find new hope!

This course is also available in a 52 week course

We also offer parenting classes in Spanish


Meeting Day - Tuesday (only)

Time:  6:15-8:45 PM

Place:  Calvary Chapel Downey – MINI CHAPEL


Cost:  $25 One Time Fee

Registration:  Register at the first class you attend